PoL2 - Heroes Lost

Diplomatic death

Hammerfast, Department of Justice, 10 days until dragon day

Slowly you enter the spacious office. Grond sits a few feet ahead of you, still busy filling out forms on his desk. He glances up for a moment. “Ah right, just second.”
A minute passes and you take a look at each other.
A group more strange one could not have picked. None of you can think of anthing you would have in common. You had a chance to talk to each other and you still have no idea why you have been asked to come to the department of justice. At least no one admited to such a knowledge. Maybe…
Grond finaly rises. He claps his hands seemingly happy about a job done well.

“Now, right, you guys. Ok where to start. First of, relax, you are not here due to any wrongdoings comited by you. No I intent to aquire your services.”

A murmur goes through your ranks.

“You see there has been a murder. The envoy of Fallcrest was found dead a few hours ago. Now due to certain conflicts of interests I was adviced to have this investigation handled by a third party.” You can feel him cringe on the word adviced. You are all to aware that Marsinda forced his hand. You do not disrespect the queens wishes.

“You have been selected to represent a variaty of interests in the hope that you will come to a neutral conclusion on who is responsible for this murder.” The keener eyes among you pick up that he does not look to hopeful.

“Puck enter please.” The door opens and a small human enters behind you. “He is.. was the envoys assistant. He is instructed to help you with your investigation and answer any question you have. Puck would you please show these gentleman to the scene of the crime?
Since it is already getting dark I advice you to take a look at the scene and start the investigation. I hope you can give me a first report tomorrow morning. Of course you will be well compensatet for your time. Do you accept.”

You nod in unison. “Well then of you go. Remember check in with me in the morning and conduct yourself respecfuly.” One by one you leave the room.



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