PoL2 - Heroes Lost

Bandits abound

Hammerfast, Department of Justice, 8 days until dragon day

Once again you enter Grond’s office. As always the dwarf is behind his desk busy working on some parchments. With a nod he acknowledges your arrival yet you still have to wait for a couple of minutes before he turns his attention around to you.

“Good Morning, seems like your investigation is done. We found a blade matching the murder weapon in his apartment. That basically seals his conviction. He has still not explained his motives or even confessed, but it is only a matter of time. We hope to wrap this all up before Dragon Day, so we can all celebrate in peace. Here is your payment. A hundred gold should be sufficient for a days work.”

You nod, most of you are happy to make a hundred gold in a month. Even split among four this is quite the payment.
“Ha, yeah we pay well. I will be honest we have more work.”
Just at this word the door behind you opens and another two dwarfs enter the office.
Both are quite a bit younger then Grond. One clad in robe and one in leather armor. You know neither of them.

“What timing, I was just about to tell these men about their next job.”
“Oh is it them? Good to meet you. I am Galwik Goldspinner, you might know my mother Marsinda.” the one in robe says enthusiastically.
“I hear you work quick even if you have your quirks. Well I need quick. You remember these people attacking your the other night? With the claw tattoo? First of I am sorry you where attacked in the middle of town, that happens rarely. People also do not tend to carry around murder victims. Maybe its related, I don’t know. Anyway the weapons they had where on a caravan heading for Fallcrest and we just received word that they did not reach their destination.”



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