PoL2 - Heroes Lost

Preliminary investigation report

by the account of Gemini, Iggy, Magni, Gremgar and various witnesses

After the first day (and night) of investigation the following has come to light:
The envoy was killed without struggle in a dark alley.
The murder weapon was a old and crude blade of orcish manufacturing.
The emblem of an orc clan was found near the body. Further investigation showed that this symbol seems to have come from one of the southern orc clans. Leading the investigation team (better name needed) to believe it to be a ruse.
The envoy personal document regarding a possible smuggling organisation inside the city have been found missing.

It should also be noted that the teams conduct has not been exemplary. Not only did they visit many shady and unrespectable places, most abhorently was their conduct with the decessed. While he did end up in the temple of Avandra, they showed little respect getting him there. They did not use a stretcher or anything to hide him from sight and even tried to enter a local tavern while carrying him. A reprimand was issued.

Another note: During their investigation they where attacked by an unknown group. Their involvement with the murder is unknown if a connection exists. A tattoo with three claws was found among multiple members of the group as where orcish coins and weapons of good quality. Further research yielded that the weapons where on a recent shipment to Fallcrest.
Investigation into the tattoo showed little knowledge among the common populace. A single individual (male, human, middle aged) recognized the tattoo but he escaped.



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