PoL2 - Heroes Lost

Bandits abound
Hammerfast, Department of Justice, 8 days until dragon day

Once again you enter Grond’s office. As always the dwarf is behind his desk busy working on some parchments. With a nod he acknowledges your arrival yet you still have to wait for a couple of minutes before he turns his attention around to you.

“Good Morning, seems like your investigation is done. We found a blade matching the murder weapon in his apartment. That basically seals his conviction. He has still not explained his motives or even confessed, but it is only a matter of time. We hope to wrap this all up before Dragon Day, so we can all celebrate in peace. Here is your payment. A hundred gold should be sufficient for a days work.”

You nod, most of you are happy to make a hundred gold in a month. Even split among four this is quite the payment.
“Ha, yeah we pay well. I will be honest we have more work.”
Just at this word the door behind you opens and another two dwarfs enter the office.
Both are quite a bit younger then Grond. One clad in robe and one in leather armor. You know neither of them.

“What timing, I was just about to tell these men about their next job.”
“Oh is it them? Good to meet you. I am Galwik Goldspinner, you might know my mother Marsinda.” the one in robe says enthusiastically.
“I hear you work quick even if you have your quirks. Well I need quick. You remember these people attacking your the other night? With the claw tattoo? First of I am sorry you where attacked in the middle of town, that happens rarely. People also do not tend to carry around murder victims. Maybe its related, I don’t know. Anyway the weapons they had where on a caravan heading for Fallcrest and we just received word that they did not reach their destination.”

Killer among us
Hammerfast, Department of Justice, 9 days until dragon day

Again you enter the spacious office. This time Grond is in talks with his two closest associates. Gerruk and Tarik. Gerruk sometimes called the butcher behind his back is Grond’s muscle. In case anyone tries to escape justice and the city watch is not up for the task this dwarf is called into action, he is often seen carrying around a big meat cleaver but today he seems to be without arms.
Tarik on the other hand is a different kind of dwarf. His ruggish, athletic build makes him a good companion in high society and a reliable bodyguard for those who are not in good standing with the law.

Just moment ago you have come to another realization regarding Tarik. He has spend the last couple years in the south, fighting against the southern orc clans. Only recently he has returned to his place of birth.

You show them the medallion. He recognizes it. Magni fires a quick arrow between his feet. You try to stop him but to late. “Why so anxious?” Magni asks.
DROP YOUR WEAPON!” Gerruk bellows, he stands wide before both Tarik and Grond. His frame makes a wall, you realize that a fight against him would be inadvisable. Well, most of you do. “Don’t you see he is shaken, he is hiding something.”
Gerruk closes in: “You just shot at him, inside the department of justice. The audacity alone would shake most.” now only a few feet away Magni still holds his bow up. He looks to the rest of the team but non come to his help, instead they have distanced themselves.
“Last warning.” Gerruk says now in reach of Magni. Another arrow is let lose but Gerruk makes short work of Magni. A single punch knocks out Magni.
Gerruk looks towards the rest of your group, you make clear that Magni acted on his own.

He takes the unconscious body and carries him of towards the dungeon.

Now only three of you remain together with Grond and Tarik. Not ideal. Despite Magni’s overreaction you share his sentiment. Tarik is hiding something.
You report and then you start asking question. He gets aggressive. “I have no need to justify myself towards you.”
“But you need to justify yourself to me.” Grond interjects, now walking away from his bodyguard and towards you.
“I did nothing wrong.” you are unsure if he is telling the truth.
“Then explain, did you not hand me these scrolls just yesterday. Are they not about a smuggling ring inside our town? Together with your return from the south, is this not too much of a coincident.” Grond delivers the final blow. He is as good as convinced, as are you.
“This is a mistake.” Tarik says both to you, Grond and himself.
A short fight erupts but together with Grond you can subdue him.

“Now this was unexpected. We will take a look into his home in hope to discover a reason for all this. For now you are excused. Please come in tomorrow morning.”

Preliminary investigation report
by the account of Gemini, Iggy, Magni, Gremgar and various witnesses

After the first day (and night) of investigation the following has come to light:
The envoy was killed without struggle in a dark alley.
The murder weapon was a old and crude blade of orcish manufacturing.
The emblem of an orc clan was found near the body. Further investigation showed that this symbol seems to have come from one of the southern orc clans. Leading the investigation team (better name needed) to believe it to be a ruse.
The envoy personal document regarding a possible smuggling organisation inside the city have been found missing.

It should also be noted that the teams conduct has not been exemplary. Not only did they visit many shady and unrespectable places, most abhorently was their conduct with the decessed. While he did end up in the temple of Avandra, they showed little respect getting him there. They did not use a stretcher or anything to hide him from sight and even tried to enter a local tavern while carrying him. A reprimand was issued.

Another note: During their investigation they where attacked by an unknown group. Their involvement with the murder is unknown if a connection exists. A tattoo with three claws was found among multiple members of the group as where orcish coins and weapons of good quality. Further research yielded that the weapons where on a recent shipment to Fallcrest.
Investigation into the tattoo showed little knowledge among the common populace. A single individual (male, human, middle aged) recognized the tattoo but he escaped.

Diplomatic death
Hammerfast, Department of Justice, 10 days until dragon day

Slowly you enter the spacious office. Grond sits a few feet ahead of you, still busy filling out forms on his desk. He glances up for a moment. “Ah right, just second.”
A minute passes and you take a look at each other.
A group more strange one could not have picked. None of you can think of anthing you would have in common. You had a chance to talk to each other and you still have no idea why you have been asked to come to the department of justice. At least no one admited to such a knowledge. Maybe…
Grond finaly rises. He claps his hands seemingly happy about a job done well.

“Now, right, you guys. Ok where to start. First of, relax, you are not here due to any wrongdoings comited by you. No I intent to aquire your services.”

A murmur goes through your ranks.

“You see there has been a murder. The envoy of Fallcrest was found dead a few hours ago. Now due to certain conflicts of interests I was adviced to have this investigation handled by a third party.” You can feel him cringe on the word adviced. You are all to aware that Marsinda forced his hand. You do not disrespect the queens wishes.

“You have been selected to represent a variaty of interests in the hope that you will come to a neutral conclusion on who is responsible for this murder.” The keener eyes among you pick up that he does not look to hopeful.

“Puck enter please.” The door opens and a small human enters behind you. “He is.. was the envoys assistant. He is instructed to help you with your investigation and answer any question you have. Puck would you please show these gentleman to the scene of the crime?
Since it is already getting dark I advice you to take a look at the scene and start the investigation. I hope you can give me a first report tomorrow morning. Of course you will be well compensatet for your time. Do you accept.”

You nod in unison. “Well then of you go. Remember check in with me in the morning and conduct yourself respecfuly.” One by one you leave the room.


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